Type: Active Play
Color - Blue

This is the machine that started a movement: the original authentic EzyRoller Classic. It's the genuine article, extendable to allow kids from 4 to 14 and even small adults to curve their way.

  • Rider Age/ Max weight: Each rider is different and we typically recommend the Classic model for kids from about 38-39" (just under 100 cm) so around 4 years old.  The Classic comes with 2 extensions to grow with riders up to 14 years old and over. We have a maximum recommended weight of up to 154 lbs (70kg) ; however in practice, any rider up to 100-110 lbs (45kg) will be comfortable on a Classic/Drifter seat. We recommend people over 120 lbs (54kg) and 5' height (152cm) ride the Pro models that have a wider seat. If you have any questions, please contact us!
  • Length: 26"-42" (67-107cm). Two extensions are included in the box to grow with the rider.
  • Width: 17" (43cm)
  • Height :14" (35cm)
  • Weight :12.8 lbs (5.80kg)

If you're looking for an EzyRoller for preschools, schools or institutions, then our Education models are probably better suited for heavy duty usage.

All our EzyRollers carry a 2 year warranty on the frame; this however doesn't cover normal wear and tear, poor maintenance (such as leaving it in the rain where it will rust) and parts such as wheels, grips and seat.