Cute Loving Otters Sticker

by Fabdaz
Cute Loving Otters Sticker. * Easy to Use: Just peel and stick on a smooth clean surface. * Extra durable vinyl, waterproof, sturdy, with strong adhesive. * Material: Premium vinyl decal. Durable outdoors for 3 years plus.  Lasts indefinitely indoors. * Matte finish * Perfect to embellish Laptops, Phone Cases, Backpacks, Hydro Flasks, Skateboards, Snowboards, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Helmets, Water Bottles, Luggage, Scrapbooks, Mac-Books, Notebooks, Journals, Picture Frames, Travel Cases, Car Bumpers, Windows, Mirrors, DIY Projects, and anything else that you can imagine. * Perfect Gift. Great little something or extra something when you need something to give something or something extra to someone!  Now say that ten times fast! * Item # DC0144 * Made in the USA. *Important Note: Colors vary on different device screens. Therefore, the colors on your sticker may vary somewhat from the colors shown on your screen.