Mini Waffle City Beach


Build a sunny beach with a lifeguard booth, sun lounger, banana boat and more along with two original characters - lifeguard Mitch and swimmer Diana. Create your own stories and use evocative details like strong waves or a shark fin or expand your Waffle City with a suburban beach.

The Beach set includes 148 elements and two new characters. Have fun as Mitch lifeguard saving beachgoers from dangers, or as Diana - a swimmer and water sports enthusiast. Take a crazy banana boat ride or save beachgoers from danger. As with any set of Marioinex blocks, you can assemble your set according to the instructions or let your child create the craziest constructions!

The Beach set is a combination of science and unique fun - all in the rays of the seaside sun. Just watch out for the high waves!


Set Heroes: 

Swimmer Diana - Water sports enthusiast, who is getting ready for the sea boat race. Her love of sport can be seen every day on the beach in Waffle City, where she swims over the waves in a banana boat.

Lifeguard Mitch - Conscientious and careful lifeguard, for whom the safety of beachgoers is essential. He knows the rules and procedures at a fingertip, and he swims like a real fish.