The Ultimate Toy Gift Guide by Orange Otter Toys

The Ultimate Toy Gift Guide by Orange Otter Toys

The Ultimate Toy Gift Guide by Orange Otter Toys

When we opened Orange Otter Toys, we did so with the intention of making gift giving simple and special. We’ve compiled some of our favorite toys and ideas to wow the special little one in your life.

Best Baby Toys (Ages 0-2)

At this age, children are fascinated by cause and effect toys. This is why we love toys with movement. Push and pull-along toys are great for crawlers and walkers. Toys focused on development of motor skills and understanding motion in general are going to be a hit. Babies love bright colors. This is why we love Fat Brain Toys.

 Staff pick: 3 in 1 telephone from Small Foot Toys

Best Toddler Toys (Ages 2-3)

This is when the pretend play fun begins! We carry a wide array of stuffed animals and Corolle dolls for your child’s first introduction to pretend play. For those who love to build, classic Lincoln Logs or Magna-tiles are excellent development toys and gives them the freedom to pretend, create and explore. Kids are also learning about their emotions and how to regulate those emotions. Slumberkins and board books can be great tools for building these critical skills. We also love introducing arts and craft basics at this age. It gives them a chance to be creative and end playtime with a tangible takeaway.

Staff pick: Classic Lincoln Logs 

Best Toys for  Ages 4-5

Educational toys are a great idea to introduce at this age. Our STEM collection is full of great ideas. Why not explore nature with some of our outdoor toys like a telescope, magnifying glass or rock collection kit? Perhaps your child would have fun making their own slime kit? Let’s play and find out!

Staff pick:  Volcano Kit

Best Toys for Ages 6-7

When I’m helping shop for a birthday gift for this age, I love to ask if there is a birthday party theme. If so, it is a good tell for what that child loves. For example, is it dinosaur themed? Sticking to a dinosaur related gift is guaranteed to bring a smile. As children develop their own interests at this time, you’ll learn to find a gift that matches what they are into whether that is sports, collectibles, art, space etc.

Staff pick: Hoop Brightz

Best Toys Ages 8-12

Kids at this age have now developed interests, abilities and hobbies they will more than likely take into adulthood. We have so many great family board games, screen-free fidget toys, collectibles and more to match your child's interests.

Staff pick: Shashibo Cube