What makes Orange Otter Toy Store Different?

What makes Orange Otter Toy Store Different?

What makes Orange Otter Toy Store Different?

You may be wondering, what makes Orange Otter Toy Store different? Why should I consider sourcing toys for my family and friends from a local toy boutique in downtown North Augusta, South Carolina?

1. We focus on classic play.

We provide a neighborhood experience delivering the human element unmatched by mass retailers. Our selection focuses on toys that trigger the imagination. We want our customers to explore and create new worlds of adventure and fun with each toy they select from Orange Otter Toy Store.

2. Our products are sustainable, durable and unique.

We see you. You've shown up to your child's friend's birthday party. You don't know him or her from the next kid, so you go online and search for an age appropriate gift. The likelihood that other attendees are doing the same is extremely high, so you all show up to random kid's birthday party with the same gift. Orange Otter Toys is here to help! Our personalization and unique items not found in big box stores will set you a part. It will make you and your child the hero of the birthday party. Our products are also carefully curated to ensure they will last. We want our toys to be passed down for generations to come, not thrown out because Mom is tired of the bulky, plastic mountain of toys overtaking her home.

3. We carry products that support a better world and environment for future generations.

Thankfully the next generation is more eco-conscious and focused on saving our planet. The brands we work with will have a sustainable mission, focused on doing good in the world and creating eco-friendly products kids can enjoy again and again. We are investing in the next generation with the products we offer.