Duncan Hornet Pro-Looping yoyo

by Roy Toy
Type: Toys & Games

Introducing Hornet™! Designed for advanced looping tricks and competition play, Hornet™ is the latest and greatest in Duncan’s ® line of high performance looping yo-yos.Featuring a perfect center to rim weight ratio for looping tricks, starburst response, and ball-bearing axle for long spin times Hornet is ready to sting the competition! Hornet™ also includes two sets of bearing spacers; Aluminum for intermediate skill levels, and polycarbonate for advanced/professional skill levels.


  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Weight: 52.9g
  • Response: Starburst
  • Body Material: Plastic


  • Orange & Black
  • Blue & Green
  • Red
  • Yellow & White