Hide and Seek Halloween Rocks


Spread kindness and positivity throughout your community by painting, decorating and hiding 10 unique river rocks! HALLOWEEN STYLE!

Complete rock painting craft kit comes with 10 natural river rocks, water-resistant paint, 2 brushes, 30+ waterproof transfer designs and 4 gold metallic transfers

Waterproof paint and transfers allow your decorated rocks to withstand the elements when placed outside!

Easily place transfers on your rocks using water like a temporary tattoo. Comes with more than 30 cool transfer designs: sunshine, rainbow, inspirational messages and more!

Rock painting is a fun and engaging screen-free activity for a small group of friends or family to complete together!

Since 1976, Creativity for Kids has proudly created craft kits for kids designed to encourage creativity and self-expression. This rock painting kit is non-toxic, kid-friendly and recommended for ages 6 and up

Ages: 6+