First Day at School By: Sebastian O'Banion


It's Theodore's first day of school, and he can't wait to begin. But when he arrives, his excitement quickly fades. He is the only toad in a school full of green tree frogs. He feels so out of place and doesn't know how he will ever fit in. As this resilient toad learns to accept his differences, he gains the confidence to overcome adversity, make his mark, and find his place among his peers. 

Young readers of all shapes, sizes, and colors can relate to Theodore as he reminds them that they are enough just the way they are. Boys and girls will recognize the importance of self-acceptance and a true sense of belonging with the help of artist and author Sebastian O'Banion's hand-drawn illustrations of one extraordinary toad.

Discover self-acceptance in this beautifully illustrated tale of a toad who doesn't fit in.