Mini Waffle City Firetruck



A fire truck equipped with a water cannon under the command of fireman Sam dealt with the fire in a few moments! That is why every town must have its heroic firefighter. Construct a fire truck to put out any fire.

Enrich the town of Waffle City with a square, a fire truck and two original characters - Mrs. Wanda and Fireman Sam. Build a reliable fire truck, which, with the help of blocks imitating water, put out dangerous flames and protect Mrs. Wanda. And this is certainly not the only intervention that firefighter Sam will set out. Create your own story while playing and develop the child's imagination - including the spatial one.

The Fire Truck set consists of 80 elements and two characters. This time it's the fearless Fireman Sam and Mrs. Wanda - a citizen of Waffle City. Give the town another quiet night.


Set Heroes: 

Mrs. Wanda - resident of Waffle City

Fireman Sam - fearless Fire Chief