Mini Waffle City Food Truck


Build the best food truck in the city, serve the residents with top-quality delicacies. Organize product deliveries, keep restaurants clean and satisfy and fill your guests' bellies. Get ready for visits of real celebrities - today your guest will be the famous swimmer, Monika!

The Food Truck set consists of 148 elements and two new characters. Take on the role of Chef Franko, the restaurateur, and serve your guests the best dishes. Combine the set with others from the Waffle City series and expand the town with a restaurant zone. Assemble the set according to the instructions or use your child's imagination and build your own unique restaurant with it!

The Food Truck set combines the learning of logical spatial thinking with a unique, fun and culinary adventure. Show everyone that you are a culinary genius with the Food Truck set!


Set Heroes: 

Chef Franko - a true culinary visionary who prepares delicacies in his food truck that delights the citizens of all the cities where he appears. His ideas and taste make everyone, who tries the dishes he prepares, learn on their own what "heaven in mouth" means.

Monia the Swimmer - A talented sportswoman, for whom paparazzi are waiting in every corner. Monia is a real sports star, and this time she wants to check the culinary possibilities of the famous chef Franko in her spare time. And her tastebuds are not that easy to satisfy!