Mini Waffle City Recycling Truck


Today, they will visit all the residents of Waffle City, have a short chat with each of them, collect the waste, and at the end of the day, they will take it to a recycling station and sort it. It is thanks to the hard work of the boys from Cleaning Brothers that the town is always so clean!

Construct a state-of-the-art garbage truck with a movable, opening waste bin and detachable street sweeping brushes, as well as a recycling station with segregation containers. Meet two new characters – the hardworking brothers – Ben and Dan and set out on an adventure with them, thanks to which you will learn to take care of order and segregate waste.

Recycling Truck set contains 148 blocks and 2 original figures. Playing with flexible, pleasant-to-touch Mini Waffle blocks perfectly develops the child’s motor skills, and building the set according to the instructions is an effective exercise of logical thinking. Stimulate your imagination and creativity by constructing any buildings and coming up with your own scenarios of our heroes’ adventures.


Set Heroes: 

Dan – a diligent and hardworking operator of the municipal garbage truck and the head of the Cleaning Brothers company. Everyone in the town knows and likes him, and he will always find a moment to exchange a few words with everyone and wish him a good day.

Ben – garbage truck driver, younger brother of Dan. A lazy and an eternal joker. Instead of working, he would rather amuse the inhabitants with his stories. Luckily, Dan is always there, who knows how to bring his brother back to earth.