Mini Waffle City Shop



Build the most popular store in town managed by Ron the Seller. Provide your customers with nutritious bananas, organic grapes, juicy apples, fresh milk or fish from the surrounding port. Give Ron, the new salesman, a little help, who seems to be having a bad day today.

The shop set consists of 148 blocks and two original characters, one of which provides the citizens with fresh food. Follow the instructions to build the set and combine it with other sets from the Waffle City series to bring the town to life together. Of course, not without the help of your imagination! And when you and your child come up with a new idea, you can construct a completely new, fascinating building from the elements of the set.

Combine fun with learning and developing your imagination. Spend your time constructively and show the kids that fantasy has no limits. Even if they are the boundaries of your town.


Set Heroes: 

Laura the customer - Laura is a regular at the shop, where she stocks up with fresh products every day. And although the visits to the market were always without major problems, this time a surprise awaits Laura. A new salesman has appeared in the store - Ron, who is not quite coping with his new job yet.

Ron Salesman - A passionate young shopkeeper who has some problems with new tasks on his first day... Ron really wants to, but he doesn't always get out. Apparently, one of his customers recently sold milk instead of bananas. Ron needs your help!