Star Wars Folded Flyers

Type: Books
It's always great to fold an awesome-looking paper airplane. It's even better to fold one that really and truly flies. Best of all? Folding a flyer that can take down an evil Empire.
Introducing Star Wars Folded Flyers, paper starfighters that will speed through your living room as well as they do in outer space. That's because each design has been subject to rigorous testing by the Aerodynamics Team at Klutz Labs. And they look as great as they fly because they're made from full-color, custom-designed papers - representing galactic vehicle exteriors, authentic to the last bolt. With five copies of each design, kids can have a fleet of Y-wings and X-wings at their command.

In addition to instructions for starship folding, flying, and tinkering, the book includes descriptions of each flyer - written by the pilots. Darth Vader describes maneuvering the TIE fighter (and what TIE stands for), while Han Solo details the inner workings of the galaxy's most famous interplanetary jalopy, the Millennium Falcon. Altogether, it's a must for Star Wars completists, paper airplane aficionados, and Force fans everywhere.