Sunny The Weighted Sensory Turtle

by meavia
Type: sensory
  • 80% Polyester
  • UNIQUE SENSORY EXPERIENCE: Sunny the (3 lbs) Sensory Sea Turtle provides a wonderful multi-function sensory experience. Each colored fabric area is made with a different sensory fabric material to discover and even includes a marble fidget tail.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION LAP PAD: Use Sunny as a complete lap pad sensory toy or unclip the shell for a unique sensory pillow and separate lap pad. Colorful clips that connect the shell are great for fine motor development and hand eye coordination.
  • WEIGHTED PLUSH: Sunny is specially designed with weight (3 lbs) in his body and feet. His unique design makes Sunny a great friend to have on your lap while focusing on tasks, watching TV or as a great travel comfort companion.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Sunny is made with high quality fabrics and stuffed with non-toxic polyethylene beads for weight. This toy is fully toy tested for safety and crafted with the highest attention to quality. Sunny is built to last for a long time.
  • THE PERFECT COMPANION: This stuffed animal is a perfect companion for any special needs child. Sunny comes with an adorable letter to help introduce himself to his new best friend. He is the perfect gift.