Create an Orange Otter Wish Bin!

Create an Orange Otter Wish Bin!

Create an Orange Otter Wish Bin!

An Orange Otter Wish Bin is a unique gift registry made just for kids! Kids come to the store and fill our wish bin with toys throughout the store they would like for their birthday. It is like a wedding registry but for kids on their special day!

 You can also make your wish list online. This makes creating, updating and sharing your list super simple.

Step 1: Come in store and let us know you want to create a Wish Bin!

Step 2: Fill the bin FULL of all the items you would like to receive on your special day.

Step 3: Orange Otter Toys will keep the list of items in store and email you a copy.

Step 4: Share with friends and family that you have a Wish Bin at the Orange Otter via invitation or online event related to your birthday.


Why complete an Orange Otter Toy Store Wish Bin?

  • Get gift ideas without extensive research.
  • You are guaranteed to purchase a gift that will be LOVED!
  • Quick and easy for friends and family to run in, grab a gift, and get it wrapped.
  • Gifts are returnable.
  • Kids have a sense of ownership and reward by completing the bin and having their voices heard.
  • Kids who complete their wish bin will receive $10 in Otter Bucks to spend on their birthday!


Wishes do come true at Orange Otter Toy Store!