Retro Toy Selection at Orange Otter Toy Store

Retro Toy Selection at Orange Otter Toy Store

Retro Toy Selection at Orange Otter Toy Store

Ah, sweet nostalgia! We are proud of the Retro Toy selection at Orange Otter Toy Store. It is one of the most thoughtful and intentional collections in our store.

We carefully selected toys that will make you momentarily relive the good times. So we ask you to take a moment to remember the past, step back in time and take a look at some of our favorites.

These items are available in store and online.

1. Travel Bingo

Close your eyes and feel the breeze from the backseat of your mom’s station wagon with the woodgrain. But open your eyes quickly and see who can spot the first cow!


2. Marble Run

This has been our top seller since opening our doors in August. Kids can begin a marble collection and build a run to their own specifications.


3. Ribbon Dancer

Ribbon Dancer...writing on the wall...up and then it falls!


4. Cat’s Cradle

Who remembers the tea cup and Eiffel Tower? This string game is a classic.


5. Windmills

Windmills are available in small and jumbo! These have been such a special hit at the store. We put them outside each day to let folks know, “We’re Open!”


6. Harmonica

Did you know the harmonica originated in Germany? It is now commonly known as a blues instrument.


7. Slinky

Did you know the Slinky was originally created as a spring to be used in a battleship’s engine? Lucky for all of us that it was discovered to be much more fun as a toy in the 1940’s. We carry the small, metal original slinky as well as a jumbo slinky in rainbow.


8. Hacky Sack

These “footbags” became popular in the 1970’s. A game of dexterity and focus. Can you dig it?


9. Skip Ball

Just like the Skip It of old, this will keep your kid skipping and hopping for hours! The best part is, this version is made of a soft plastic that won’t break your ankle and the ball glows when you use it!

Check out our entire Retro selection online and in-store today!